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Name: Mike Petty
Position: Owner/Ceo
Phone: 423-899-8468
About Mike Petty:

Mike Petty-Owner, Chief Designer.  Mike Started his customizing career in the early 90's working for the famous Choo-Choo Customs.  Mike did everything from upholstery to 12 volt installs while sharpening his design skills at Choo Choo.  Mike ventured out on his own in 2000, starting a mobile reconditioning business doing interior repairs and bumper painting for the areas dealerships.  His business grew very rapidly and in 2002, Mike opened Rhino linings of Chattanooga.  Rhino Linings was the very first spray-in bedliner company in Chattanooga.  Rhino Linings did just like Mike's other business and grew at an incredible rate and morphed into Trucks Plus, a full service truck accessory dealership offering many services.  Mike sold Trucks Plus in late 2007 and started Allstar Tint and Alarms.  Allstar Tint and Alarms is now one of the south's largest window film dealers.  Allstar has been featured in many magazines and TV shows and is the leader in the Chattanooga area when it comes to fixing up your ride. Allstar can do it all from, car audio, window tinting, wheels & tires, suspension, mobile video, security, to complete vehicle customizing, we can do it all.  Our motto here is : Trust your Car to the Pros at Allstar!!!

Name: Gene Griffith
Position: Head Window Film Installer
Phone: 423-899-8468
About Gene Griffith:

Gene has been tinting windows since JR. High.  Gene started his career in Stuart, Florida working at the nation's largest window tint shop, Tropic Tint.  Gene competes nationally in window film competitions and is trainer for new 3M dealerships.  Gene has tinted everything from cars to planes to everything in between.  When other local shops have difficult cars they need done, they call us and  Gene will get it right.  We are proud to have Gene here at Allstar!! We only employee the best.

Name: Dea Sharp
Position: Head Audio Installer
Phone: 423-899-8468
About Dea Sharp:

Dea has been in the car audio industry for over 20 years.  Dea holds certifications by MECP, Rockford Fosgate, JL Audio, Memphis Audio, Alpine, and many others.  There is not a more acomplished installer in the area.  Dea just recently trained with the world famous: West Coast Customs.  Dea passion  is for true custom installs.  Check out our gallery for some of his work.  Again, only the best at Allstar!

Name: Kerry Madding
Position: Store Manager-Lee Hwy
Phone: 423-899-8468
About Kerry Madding:

Kerry has been in the car audio industry for many years.  He began his career working for Hi-Fi Buys, where he was an installer and a sales advisor.  Kerry has been an IASCA and MECA audio competitor, where he has taken many fist place titles.  Kerry knows car audio and is always looking to educate younger customers.  If you are looking to build a system call Kerry and he can put you in the right product for your vehicle. Aleays the best at Allstar!

Name: Chris Scoggin
Position: 12volt Installer / Window Tinter
Phone: 423-899-8468
About Chris Scoggin:

Chris is a graduate from Mobile Dynamics School of Car Audio.  Chris holds a Silver MECP certification.  When it comes to troubleshooting or finding problems that other installers overlook, he is your guy.  His attention for detail is incredible with a good strong work ethic.  We are proud to have him on our team.  Only the best!

Name: Billy Burnette
Position: Store Manager - Hixson
Phone: 423-899-8468
About Billy Burnette:

Billy is our newest member of our team.  Billy works with Hamilton County as one of our finest Paramedics.  He has worked over 19 years serving this area helping people in need and when he came to us wanting something to do in his spare time, we where glad to make him part of the team!  Allstar believes in giving back to the community and what better way than to have someone that people reconize and can trust.  Billy has a passion for cars like we all do and we are excited that he is part of Allstar!

Name: Tanner Hall
Position: Head Installer -Hixson
Phone: 423-521-7125
About Tanner Hall:

Tanner has been around this area for a long time, you might have seen him at other shops but now he is part of the Allstar team.  Tanner has many years experience in the car audio and tint business.  When we decided to open a Hixson store, the choice was clear that we needed Tanner and his expertise.  Come by the Hixson store and discuss your install needs with one of the best!

Name: Dan Wheaton
Position: Sales
Phone: 423-521-7125
About Dan Wheaton:

Dan has been selling car audio for most of his adult life and knows just about everything there is to know about this industry.  Dan is a vetern of the "War on Terror" and has served his country overseas in Afganistan and Bahrain as a Comms Specialist.  If Dan can install for our military, then he can definetly tell you what you need for your 89 Caprice Classic!  Allstar is always glad to serve our military! Thanks Dan for your service!

Name: Karl Kent
Position: Sales
Phone: 423-521-7125
About Karl Kent:

Karl has been a friend of Allstar for many years, and when we needed someone to take care of customers at our new Hixson location, he was the obvious choice. Karl has many years of retail management experience and is honestly one of the best at showing our customers what real "Customer Service" means.  Karl has a work ethic that is second to none.  He is true asset for Allstar and we are glad to have him.  Stop by our Hixson location and let Karl show you what he can do!

Name: Greg Petty
Position: Head Detailer/Manager
Phone: 423-899-8468
About Greg Petty:

Greg is a Jack of all Trades, He's the shop's right hand man.  Not only is he Mike's brother but he is the best car clean up guy in the business.  No one can clean a car like Greg.  Greg is a true Allstar and we are priviledged to have him work here with us.  When we need someone to tackle a tough car we turn to Greg.  He loves to work on classic cars & trucks so bring them to us!

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